Financial Counseling

Financial CounselingFinancial planning starts before your initial appointment. Diagnosis and treatment of infertility are covered benefits in a minority of insurance plans. Our financial coordinator will ascertain your benefits and is available to discuss with you the financial options along with answering questions or concerns you might have during your treatment here at FCO. To contact our financial coordinator directly, please call 541-868-9759.


Initial Consultation Visit – $638
Before your initial visit, the practitioner will review your history and health records to partner with you for a personalized and innovative care plan. During the in-office visit, you will be informed of the different treatment options available to you. At this time, you will be given a clear understanding of the next steps and an opportunity to be heard and supported. We strongly encourage you to bring your partner to this first visit. Labs and imaging studies are separate from this cost.

IVF Cycle (Global Fee) – $9,500
At FCO, our most important goal is to help you start your family. You will find we are one of the most affordable IVF centers in the North West. Our comprehensive IVF cycle (Global package) includes many options that other centers charge in addition to and with our great success rates, makes us one of your best choices. Global fee for monitoring (ultrasounds, office visits, labs), Egg Retrieval with ICSI if indicated and Embryo Transfer along with cryopreservation/1 year storage are all included. This cost excludes medications, labs, and tests needed before starting the program, PGT-A or PGT-M.

Donor Egg (Anonymous) IVF – $23,500
IVF Global plus donor screening, medications, and compensation. Services not included are PGT-A, PGT-M, and recipient medications and testing before the procedure.

Donor Egg (Directed) IVF – $14,500
Global Fee plus donor screening and cycle management. Additional expenses paid by the recipient directly, psychiatrist evaluation (donor and recipient) and medications.