When using any resource, please notify your doctor of your plans and tell the organization that you are attempting pregnancy or are pregnant. The sites provided are merely a source of information and does not indicate FCO endorses or promotes the services listed.

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Acupuncture Services
Stacy Dunn, ND
Tiny Dragon
4175 E Amazon Drive, Eugene, OR 97405
Ph (541) 338-9494
Chiropractic Services
Dr. Richard Gorman DC
Garden Way Chiropractic Center
388 S Garden Way, Eugene, OR 97401
Ph (541) 484-6933
Complementary Care
Five Seasons Women’s Wellness
840 Lawrence Street
Eugene, OR 97401
Ph (541) 515-6446

Over-the-Counter Medications During Pregnancy (OTC)
Download PDF

Recommendations for Medications and Remedies for Common Ailments During Pregnancy
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Infertility Counseling

Julie Williams, PhD
Ph (541) 484-0611

Sandy Solomon, MSW
Ph (541) 485-7039

Nicole Brulé, PsyD and David Brulé, PsyD, Licensed Psychologists
Nicole: Ph (541) 953-3929
David: Ph (541) 623-0679
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Center for Family Development
Ph (541) 342-8437
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HIV Alliance/Behavioral Health – LGBTQIA+ Counseling Services
(OHP Trillium patients only at this time. 4/2022)
Ph (541) 556-1409
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Pearl Street Offices
Gail Richards, LCSW and multiple counselors, therapists, social workers and psychologists available for a variety of counseling needs.
Ph (541) 343-1937
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Direction Service Counseling Center
Ph (541) 686-5060
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Grief Counseling

Jill Wolf, LPC
Ph (541) 345-2800
Cascade Health Solutions
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Nicole Brule, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Ph (541) 953-3929
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Nancy Evergreen, LPC
Ph (541) 485-2484

Sarah Peterson
Ph (541) 228-3050
Cascade Health Solutions/Transitions Program; Sarah DOES NOT see patients in private practice. She works in the Transitions Program at Cascade Health, which is basically a pre-hospice program. She does home visits to discuss end of life care, connect patients/caregivers with needed resources and does grief counseling with patients, families and caregivers. Referral needs to come from the sick person’s PCP, not from us unless sick person is our patient. Transitions program is free of charge.

Psychologists for GID Patients Needing Counseling or Letter of Recommendation for Surgery

Dr. Nancy Taylor-Kemp
Ph (541) 349-1167
Fax (541) 686-3037
Fax referral with request for what patient is needing, demographics and recent visit note. She will contact patient to schedule. Patient may have to wait 1-2 months to be seen.

Dr. Chaunce Windle
Ph (541) 516-1654

Noelle Osborn, Med
Ph (541) 653-7778

Jordan Shin, Licensed Professional Counselor
Ph (541) 342-8144

Fertility Support Group
Monthly meetings
Due to COVID-19, until further notice, meetings will take place online through GoToMeeting. We have support groups scheduled for September 9th, October 14th, November 11th, and December 9th.

Please RSVP to Sarah Petersen at [email protected]
A link will be sent to you 48 hours before your scheduled meeting.

Injection Teaching
Freedom MedTEACH
(Preparation and administration videos for commonly used medications during fertility treatment.)
Visit Website – English | Spanish | French
Massage & Physical Therapy
Garden Way Chiropractic Center
388 S Garden Way, Eugene, OR 97401
Ph (541) 484-6933

Staszak Physical Therapy & Wellness Center
488 E 11th Ave, Suite 150A
Eugene, OR 97401
Ph (541) 505-8180

Pharmacies - Mail Order
Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy
Ph (888) 347-3415
Fax (800) 874-9197
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Freedom Fertility Pharmacy
Ph (800) 660-4283 (toll free)
Fax (888) 660-4283
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Psychological/Genetic Evaluations
Third Party Reproductive Evaluations

David Northway, PhD
291 W 12th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401
Ph (541) 683-1104

Teresa Dobles, PhD
291 W 12th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401
Ph (541) 954-6557

Center of Genetics and Maternal Fetal Medicine
3355 RiverBend Dr., Suite 210, Springfield, OR 97477
Ph (541) 349-7600
Fax (541) 686-8330

Sperm Banks
California Cryobank
11915 LaGrange Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Ph: (310) 443-5244
Fax: 866) 625-7336
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Seattle Sperm Bank
4915 25th Ave NE, Ste 204W
Seattle, WA 98105
Ph: (206) 588-1484
Fax: (206) 466-4696
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The Sperm Bank of California
2115 Milvia St, Ste 201
Berkeley, CA 94704
Ph: (510) 841-1858
Fax: (510) 841-0332
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Fairfax Cryobank*
3015 Williams Dr, Ste 110
Fairfax, VA 22031
Ph: (703) 698-3976
Fax: (703) 698-3933
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NW Cryobank
508 W 6th, Ste 80
Spokane, WA 99204
Ph: (509) 232-0132
Fax: (509) 232-0145
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Pacific Reproductive Services
65 N Madison Ave Ste 610
Pasadena CA 91101
Ph: (626) 432-1681
Fax: (626) 432-6869
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*We will ship samples only with Physician consent

We strongly recommend that all samples be shipped in liquid nitrogen tanks (not ice) to insure sperm survival. There is a $60.00 handling charge by The Fertility Center of Oregon Andrology Lab for transfer of specimens to our sperm storage tank. There is an additional monthly charge for storage of sperm samples whether or not you are actively undergoing treatment. Normal storage fees for frozen sperm samples would also apply to long term or other storage requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot assume any responsibility for sperm counts, motility, pregnancy rates, donor characteristics, or financial or other problems with sperm samples which are ordered from an outside facility.

View or download list of all Sperm Banks

Surrogacy and Adoption Attorney
Timothy F. Brewer PC
59 W 13th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401
Ph (541) 683-1814
Transgender Counseling

Dr. Nancy Taylor-Kemp
Ph (541) 349-1167
Fax (541) 686-3037

Jordan J Shin, MS
The Miner Building
132 E Broadway #318
Eugene, OR 97401
Ph (541) 342-8144