“We can’t begin to thank you for the gift of our son–your kindness, skill and support, all those years, made it possible. Our son is a joy already. He is a thinker, is very sincere, and definitely keeps mom and dad on our toes!”
–A and B
“Wow! ‘The Twins’ I’m still not used to saying it. Thank you so much for all your help. I looked forward to all my trips up to Eugene for all my appointments with you. It was actually hard when I started seeing an OB instead of continuing with you. You and the whole staff were always positive and helpful. IVF can be emotional and very overwhelming, that’s why we loved how you treated us. You were reassuring and spent time answeing all our questions, you were confident from the beginning that this would be a success. Thank you for all you do, I think your personality perfectly suits your profession. I couldn’t imagine having gone through IVF with anyone else. Even if we didn’t get pregnant, I would still think of you as an awesome doctor!” –AS and ES
“We are so grateful for your service and kindness towards us while we were your patients. Your gentle manner and reassurance were exactly what we needed through the process. We wanted to share with you our exciting news that we are having a boy!” –OF and SF
“Thank you so much for your help in making our dream come true! We will most likely be back next year :)” –JL and PL
“I love taking this time to show you how much joy you’ve brought into our lives. I think of your so often that, if ears actually burned when people spoke of you, yours would have fallen off years ago. You are forever a part of our family. Thank you!” –LS and JS
“You made our greatest dreams come true by making us a family. We are so grateful for you and we cannot thank you enough. We pray you are blessed beyond measure, Dr. Austin. Merry, merry Christmas!” – AJ and MJ
“Wow, what a journey. As we get to enjoy our little guy, we can’t help but reflect on all that it took to get here, and how we owe it all to you. Your encouragement, confidence, and continued effort were everything in this process. You never let us give up, and your generosity made us able to continue…..We are excited to spread the word at how terrific you and your entire staff were throughout.” – TC and DC
“Once again you have blessed us with another angel! It has been an amazing journey and we are so thankful you were part of it!” – KG and DG
“Warmest wishes for a holiday season filled with peace and happiness! We want to thank you for the wonderful care we received while patients of yours. Your support and encouragement made a difference. We can’t wait to introduce you to Baby L.” – NS and AS